Dear Friends, 

For many of you, this letter may come as a surprise. While I have been somewhat private about some recent news, I am reaching out to let you know about an urgent health issue I am now faced with.

This past January, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. This news came out of nowhere for me as I have no family history. I was excited for this new year, a year in which I proclaimed a path of  "radical self care.” Little did I know that I would be fulfilling that resolution in a most extreme way. 

Since January, my life has been all about my treatment (radical self care!),  some of which has looked like this: In February, I had surgery and following this, a total of six rounds of chemo, (I have one more round of chemo left!! YAY!!) Once the rounds are completed, I will have a 4 week break before I start daily radiation - - 5 days a week for six weeks. There will also be an ongoing treatment plan, as well as diagnostic tests throughout the next several months/years. My doctor says that my prognosis is very good if I follow this protocol. 

Here is my challenge and where I need your help.  In spite of having health insurance, I have found that it is not covering the majority of my medical expenses, which are mounting every day. By the time I complete my treatment, the total costs could amount to figures I cannot fully determine/fathom at this time. 

My initial goal is to raise $35,000, which will hopefully allow me to bear the initial impact of these new and unexpected burdens. Paying for my medical expenses is not a short-term problem, but a long-term one. I never thought that I would need to reach out to my friends, family and community with the kind of urgent need I am now faced with. Given the scope of expenses, I suspect that this will mean a possible second round of fundraising.

For anyone who has experienced - - or has a loved one - - who has been treated with chemotherapy and radiation, it is a grueling experience and saps your strength. This makes it all the more difficult to maintain my “normal” teaching/performing schedule in an effort to make a dent in these new and overwhelming expenses. 

This is a very challenging/humbling time for me. I am deeply grateful to those who already have helped me and wish it were not necessary to reach out to you now. 

You are my friends and my family who fill my life with so much joy. For that, I am blessed beyond measure. Thank you so much for taking time to read this and for your support. I am doing well and keeping a positive attitude. Life is wonderful and precious and as soon as I am through with my chemo I will be out there performing with Danny Click and the Hell Yeah's to celebrate! 

Please click on the Go Fund Me Wigt to make a donation. 

With my love and appreciation, 


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NYE 2014 With Danny Click and the Hell Yeah's 142 Throckmorton Theater, Mill Valley, CA - photographer Bob Hakins

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