I am passionate about working with singers, songwriters and musicians wherever they may be on their musical path. Whether you're just starting out, or a professional artist, I look forward to meeting you to learn more about your dreams and goals, and how I can be of  service and support. 

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I am thrilled to feature my former and current voice students, sharing their talents and more. Please click on the tab "Students" to view current students photos, bios and music, and in the pull down menu under the same tab, "Where Are They Now," features students who studied with me for many years, and are either currently attending college, or have graduated college.

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UPDATE 2/17/2022

Anna is putting the final touches on her soon to be released ep with producer Jim Greer. We cannot wait to share her original music with you all. Please visit www.annaharrell.net and sign up on her mailing list. We are in the process of booking shows. She just did a fantastic 30 minute set at Hopmonk Novato on 2/9/22 to a rapt audience, see photo below. More to come!! 

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Anna and I have been working on her original songs for the past year to send to producers and other music industry professionals. Anna plays guitar and piano and has been making creating youtube video's that she posts every Tuesday. Please like and subscribe to her youtube channel so we can increase her following! 

I believe Anna has what it takes to get a record deal, it's just a matter of time. 


Charly Kerr at Hopmonk Novato 2/16/22

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