I can’t say enough about how sessions with Lynn raised the bar on my vocals, skills, range and confidence to get out there and do my thing!! It doesn’t matter what your level is- you’ll get big inspiration and joy from Lynn’s coaching! Don’t dream it... do it!!" - Stephanie Greenberg 

 "I am lucky enough to have known Lynn since I was 10 years old. From our very first lesson, I knew that I had met someone who would be a lifelong musical and personal mentor for me. Lynn’s coaching style goes above and beyond what it means to be a vocal coach. She not only is endlessly helpful with vocal technique, expanding range, and improving stage presence — she is also kind, supportive, patient, and positive beyond belief. She knows how to customize her lessons to fit her student needs and I always leave her studio feeling proud of accomplishing something I never thought I could do. I’m so fortunate to have been able to work with her!”- Singer/Songwriter Caroline Sky

"On my first day in Lynn Asher's studio, she asked me what my intention was in working with her. Though I'd been a hobbyist backup singer in several bands, I wanted to feel more confident getting out in front and expressing myself more freely. I started by listing for Lynn all of the things that my voice couldn't do, telling her of my dashed dreams of singing because of my stage fright, and my "inability" to just "let go" and get up on stage and express myself through my performance and voice. Lynn quickly turned my intentions inside-out, put them in the positive and we got to work on building technical skills that provided a foundation and helped me build confidence, getting me to tap into my creativity and emotion through my vocals, and working with me on performance techniques. Eventually, I (almost) fearlessly took the stage at the Sweetwater and belted out an Aretha song! My sessions with Lynn transcended what I ever imagined that I'd get out of vocal coaching- because by helping me to tap into places I didn't think I could go, she helped me to "get out in front" in my work and personal life too." - Stephanie Greenberg 


I just wanted to extend a DEEP appreciation and gratitude for your work with our Daughter. Her growth with you is translating into increased confidence and strength which is beautiful to watch.

This confidence is spilling over into other areas like taking dance classes finally, and most importantly, being able to express herself socially, all great things. You are obviously a gifted teacher of singing, and of the intangible skills as well.

"I have always told Lynn that she is my shining star but I don't call her that because of her incredible musical talent, but because of the pure light and joy that she exudes from other work we have done together, and the support that she has shown me. If you are ready to build your voice, or even just have always wanted to sing....Lynn is your girl!" - Bettina Clifton of Marin Hypnotherapy


"Thank you for your years of encouragement with my child, you have changed her life trajectory." - T. Webb  


“Wow, Lynn, this is beautiful!!! I love your site! It is so inspiring. Yours was the first email I opened this morning and it transformed my mood and made me happy just to see it. Fab photos and I love your Ruminations too. Sign me up for your mailing list!”

"I have learned how to control my voice and how to put emotion into songs I have always wanted to sing. Lynn is not only an amazing teacher, but she is a friend, and I feel like I can always text her if I want to talk about my voice or other things. I'm not as scared to sing in front of others, and I do proudly. I always look forward to my lessons. I love going in to see Lynn." - Mackenzie LeBuhn 

"I have been working with Lynn for over two years. She has helped me to develop as a singer, a songwriter, an artist, and a person. She is one of the most kind-hearted and encouraging people I have ever known. I feel lucky to be able to call her my vocal coach. She is a dear friend and I love working with her."- Singer/Songwriter Anna Mar


Our Daughters whole demeanor has been uplifted since working with you! Huge confidence builder for creative self expression and risk taking. Definitely builds growth mindset muscle. 


"I started taking singing lessons from Lynn when I was a sophomore in high school. I was immediately drawn in by her warmth and her holistic approach to the voice. Lynn has opened many doors for me as a performer and allowed me the opportunity to work with producer Narada Michael Walden. I was also able to perform at multiple benefit concerts along side Lynn. When working in the studio her diligence never ceased. I was constantly pushed to reach my highest potential of my vocal ability. If I was struggling with a part of the song she would introduce new vocal techniques to help me achieve my goal. Lynn helps her students understand the lyrics of the song on a deeper level so that they can feel an emotional connection in their performance. I am so glad that I was able to work with Lynn, she has helped me immensely hone my craft and create a deeper connection with myself. She has not only been a great mentor but has become a dear friend of mine." - Emma Christopher 

Tricia Hellman Gibbs, MD

The Legacy of Warren Hellman

"Among the many things for which I'm grateful to my father, Warren Hellman, one of the most cherished is his introduction to his voice instructor, Lynn Asher. Though Dad was a brilliant investment banker, probably the thing he's best known for is for founding and funding the now famous free music festival in San Francisco, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass (HSB). Sometime around 2003, inspired by the musicians who came to town to play for this event, Dad created his own band, The Wronglers. Several years later, he asked around for an instructor to tune up his voice for his own original songs. Lynn signed on for the task, and later joined The Wronglers in several performances.

Musical Family 

After Dad passed on in 2011, his children also caught the musical bug (several of the grandchildren were already involved in musical careers), and we've all had the great fortune and opportunity to play together as a family band at HSB every fall since then. I picked up my dusty guitar, unused since childhood, and started playing and singing again. I realized immediately that singing (like guitar) is a craft that requires dedicated training and concerted daily effort. I remembered Dad's introduction to Lynn, and so called her up to ask for her help. Once they saw the impact, a number of other family members also signed up with her for lessons. We've all continued with her ever since.

Working with Lynn 

There are so many great things to say about Lynn, it's hard to know where to start. First, of course, she has a beautiful voice herself, and when she demonstrates how to approach a song, it gives you an example that rings in your mind as you try to achieve that sound. She provides structure and discipline to the training, offering warm-up suggestions and resources, such as musical files and iPhone apps. She constantly keeps an ear out for new songs suitable to my voice, and has greatly broadened and improved my musical repertoire. She keeps detailed notes on her advice and suggestions from session to session, maintaining a folder of songs for each student, so that we can refer back and maintain forward momentum on each song. She is constantly supportive and enthusiastic, and consistently makes the effort to attend our performances when she can. She clearly loves and is constantly inspired by music, even after many years as a performer. On top of all of this, she has a lovely personality, and is great company. She has become a beloved and irreplaceable member of our extended family."