I teach private voice lessons, group voice lessons and workshops, provide vocal production services for studio projects, and consult artists who are embarking on a semi professional or professional career in the music industry. I also assist singers with audition prep for college and musical theater, as well as auditions for The Voice, American Idol and America's Got Talent. 

I am also available as a lead and backing vocalist for live and studio projects,  as well as, charitable/special events. 

Being the Queen is not all about singing, and being a diva is not all about singing. It has much to do with your service to people. And your social contributions to your community and your civic contributions as well. Aretha Franklin

It's just you and me exploring your voice, finding your truth, and tapping into what moves the artist/performer inside you. We will explore vocal techniques, delivery and stage presence, as we work together to explore YOUR beautiful, unique instrument.

With over 30 years of experience in the music business as a  performer, band leader, producer and vocal coach, I have a track record of helping singers get results quickly. I work with each student based on where they are, and what specific areas need work/focus to maximize their goals. All of my students experience growth and breakthroughs with me as their coach. It brings me great joy to see students overcome their challenges which results in building confidence in their performances and daily life. 

“I can honestly say that Lynn is one of the best teacher's I've ever had the honor to learn from.  She's assisted me with essential skills for success that I will use throughout life, above and beyond their immediate value in my singing career!  I would recommend Lynn for anyone interested in advancing their passion for music, particularly in vocal performance.  You make learning fun, challenging and rewarding and inspire me to keep refining my gift and nurturing my passion"


I absolutely LOVE working in the recording studio, a place of unlimited creativity and where magic happens!

I have had the pleasure of working with artists in the studio both as a voice coach, and as a background vocalist. When I am in the studio assisting with vocal production, I am there to support the artist to deliver their best performance with the least amount of effort. I am also there to work with the engineer and artist to comp vocals and discuss vocal arrangements and sometimes instrumental arrangements. Having the support of a voice coach while recording helps to bring focus and professional guidance to keep you confident, energized and inspired. Artists I have worked with: Danny Click, Alan Chappell, The Ace of Cups, and Renee Harcourt, as well as Producers, Jim Scott, Narada Michael Walden, Jerry Harrison and Dan Shea. 

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"As a musician, you just want to be able to do what you love." - Andy Grammer

Performing at Wine Women and Song, Oct. 2014

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